GUAM – The U.S. Defense Department reports that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Japan Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa, punctuated their first ministerial yesterday with a press conference in Tokyo where both reaffirmed their governments’ commitment to the Asia-Pacific troop realignment roadmap and strengthening the U.S.-Japan military alliance. Mr. Panetta specifically mentioned the plan to move Okinawa-based Marines to Guam as well.

“This is a critical initiative in our effort to maintain a strong, forward-deployed presence in the Pacific region,” Mr. Panetta said. “It’s also important to the realignment of our forces in Japan, and … to reducing the impact of our bases in Okinawa.

“For all of those reasons,” he continued, “we are both very committed to the principles of the realignment roadmap, including the establishment of an operational Marine presence on Guam.”

Read the full story at this link: Panetta Discusses Okinawa Issues During Japan Visit.


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Photo used in this article courtesy U.S. Department of Defense.  Photo by U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey.