GUAM – Guam’s slow and up and down recovery in the real estate sector is fighting an uphill battle through uncertain economic times aggravated by new fiscal realities in both the United States and Japan. To follow an industry in significant flux, announces plans to showcase that sector even more at the web site.

“As federal government and military spending and Japanese tourism have always buttressed the local economy, changing conditions in the U.S. and Japan – a staple topic at – have a direct impact on the real estate sector,” said Leon Colaco, the web site’s president. “We realized that we could better serve our audience – many of whom come from that industry — by doing a better job of highlighting our real estate reporting.”

The industry remains vulnerable to any spending cuts that might reshape the Pentagon’s military buildup, and anxious about how Japanese tourism will adapt in this era of post-earthquake rebuilding.

The web site’s new editorial section will discuss real estate research and trends and provide more coverage of an industry pressed to adapt and deal with this uncertainty. The section already contains an archive of reports on military rentals, trends in the commercial and residential markets, and temporary housing for the contractor industry’s guest workforce.

“Our reporting will touch on capacity in the commercial and residential markets, lending activity, banking regulations, and pricing, among others,” said Sharla Montvel-Cohen, the web site’s publisher. “We’ll look at how these are affected by construction costs, unemployment, investment activity and planned improvements to island utilities, roads and infrastructure,” she said.


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