GUAM – Guam’s largest housing solution to accommodate thousands of temporary workers arriving in the coming years to support a multi-billion dollar expansion of U.S. military facilities is ready to receive its first few hundred tenants.

Younex Corporation yesterday cut the ribbon on the Ukudu Workforce Village at Dos Amantes. The dormitory community sits on the largest single piece of privately held property in Guam, just down the road from the future Marine base at Finegayan and very close to Andersen Air Force Base where extensive construction on new aviation, training and other facilities for both the Air Force and the Marines is underway.

Younex has adjusted its Village development strategy to match a much slower rise in Marine buildup projects than the Navy originally projected. The governments of Guam, the U.S. and Japan need more time to finalize a plan for financing a $420 million wastewater upgrade of the Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant, which serves all of northern Guam, including the Ukudu Workforce Village. Likewise, the Navy is expected to stretch out its Marine buildup program to accommodate both decelerated funding from Washington and slower progress on interconnecting Okinawa realignment projects.

The company has re-tooled the Village to be scalable in phases to match the slower growth in workforce population and to avoid overwhelming wastewater infrastructure in the area. The Village’s first phase will be able to accommodate 2,000 tenants by the end of the year, with the first 500 beds available by the end of this month. At full capacity, the 252-acre complex could house 14,000 to 18,000 temporary residents.

The company has also found ways to attract the wider Guam community. While designed primarily to serve the workforce housing needs of military contractors, Ukudu’s first 200 tenants this October will come via the Center for Micronesian Empowerment, a private non-profit workforce development company established to train workers from Guam and other Micronesian states to eventually join the construction workforce. The medical clinic will accept patients from around the island, not just from the complex.

Beyond dormitories the Village supports residential life with onsite canteens, a fire station, a medical clinic, recreational spaces, warehousing, housekeeping, security, transportation and other residential amenities and services.


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