GUAM – The only daily news web site solely focused on covering Federal Government spending in Guam will in July debut a new way for companies and government offices to find workforce and professional talent on the World Wide Web.

The new ‘Guam Jobs’ section at the daily news web site,, will launch next week with web-based job search and listing tools designed to connect job seekers with headhunters, HR managers, employers and recruiters. The new section acts like a digital job classifieds listing where companies can post employment opportunities, and job seekers can search the listings by position, career, company, industry, salary range, work experience and skill sets, among others.

The digital listing service dovetails with regular reporting on Guam workforce issues at the web site and taps into a niche audience who visit the site daily for its in-depth reporting on Guam-based activities and spending by the Defense Department and other Federal Government agencies.

“The web site has become a magnet for readers working in a full range of industries supported in some way by Federal spending,” said Sharla Montvel-Cohen, the web site’s publisher and editor-in-chief. “The part of Guam’s economy that is fueled by the Federal Government spans every industry, and we cover that spectrum.”

The Federal Government spent $1.2 billion in Guam in fiscal year 2010, a figure that encompasses spending by the U.S. Departments of Defense, Education, Health and Human Services, Agriculture and the Social Security Administration, to name a few. Over the next ten-plus years, Federal spending will include another $17.4 billion to prepare the island for the transfer of at least 8,600 U.S. Marines and their families and support staff from Okinawa.

While the web site reports daily on Defense Department, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps buildup activity, it also covers the gamut of other contracting activity by various other Federal agencies on island.

“Readers at our web site learn about Federal spending on everything from military construction projects to gym equipment, furniture, renewable energy sources, environmental research, medical services, lumber, even dairy products,” Mrs. Montvel-Cohen said.

Human resource managers, headhunters, recruiters and employers can use the new ‘Guam Jobs’ section to post announcements for job openings, recruitment drives and fairs. Registration for both employers and job seekers to be able to search the jobs database is free and job listings are fee-based.

“Whether your trade is painting, engineering, the sciences, medicine, finance, IT, real estate, environmental studies, utilities development, logistics and supply or anything else, the Federal Government is likely stimulating job creation in your industry on Guam,” said Leon Colaco, president. “A daily news web site that covers the Federal sector is a reasonable place for companies involved in Federal Government work to start fishing for talent.”

The sheer volume of work to prepare the island for the biggest expansion in decades of its civilian-military population is expected to stretch the local supply of experienced, certified, professional workforce to its limit very quickly.

“A lot of our readers are extremely interested in job trends, staffing challenges and solutions, Federal and GovGuam regulations on everything from insurance, labor and safety to workforce housing options and more and we will continue to add to our coverage of this in our jobs section,” said Mr. Colaco.

“We made a decision to expand our job market reporting and also add the jobs listing section due to a tremendous amount of feedback, as well as unsolicited requests from readers and people looking for jobs and opportunities not just within the construction industry, but throughout the Federal marketplace on Guam,” he said.


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