GUAM – The reporting and business insights that bring readers to for in-depth coverage of Guam’s military buildup and U.S. Federal marketplace has sparked demand for a weekly e-newsletter that will be unveiled this week.

For weeks now, the web site’s readers have been registering for its e-newsletter, which will feature editor’s picks of its most important stories, along with exclusive breaking coverage reserved for subscribers. Subscription to the newsletter is free and offers the convenience of automatic delivery straight to one’s email inbox every week.

“The idea for a Guam Buildup News e-newsletter comes entirely from reader feedback,” said Leon Colaco, the web site’s president. “Many readers are concerned about staying abreast of the very active, complex Guam marketplace that is growing up around the significant military construction activities of the Navy and the Air Force as well as the jobs and contracts supported by the Federal Government. This way, even if they’re too busy to log onto our web site daily, they can count on getting the week’s most important stories delivered right to their inbox.” provides daily news and analysis of the U.S. Defense Department’s multi-billion buildup of the island’s bases, utilities and infrastructure preparing for the transfer of at least 8,600 Marines and their dependants and support staff from Okinawa no earlier than 2016. Coverage also includes other federal spending on Guam that generates jobs and opportunities for local and stateside companies.

The automatic reliability of inbox delivery fits with the desktop habits of busy executives where email is the primary way that they send and receive information, according to Mr. Colaco. “Subscribers can click on live links within the newsletter that will take them directly to the web site, or simply read the stories contained in the newsletter itself,” he said.

Entire companies, special interest groups and business associations can also facilitate free subscriptions for their members. Interested groups should call 671-649-0443 to arrange an opt-in roll call of their members. Individuals can register at the web site’s homepage. Subscribers will eventually also be able to avail of special offers, promotions and coverage not available to the general public.

“Over the course of a single week, many things affecting the marketplace progress and change, including events in Washington, Tokyo, Guam and the contracting industry as well as issues like jobs and workforce recruiting, networking and bidding opportunities, real estate and politics, to name a few, ” said Sharla Montvel-Cohen, the web site’s publisher. “A collection of the week’s top stories via email is like having your own personal business editor pinpoint major happenings so it’s easy to stay current.”


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