GUAM – Unlike most places still mired in economic contraction, the Guam job market is poised for expansion. As the Department of Defense (DoD) continues its multi-year $10 billion to $15 billion investment to buildup its Guam military bases and to overhaul and expand the island’s civilian-military utilities and roadways, the hunt to recruit a workforce to fulfill the hundreds of related construction projects and contracts is already underway. 

A new Guam Jobs Listing at will launch in March to provide a talent search engine and hiring platform for companies trying to fill a significant volume of new job openings for Guam-based projects. The platform was conceived in response to a serious shortage of skilled labor on Guam where the population tops off today at only 180,000.

According to buildup planning officials and the Navy’s Record of Decision, the buildup is expected to generate direct and indirect civilian labor demand by thousands of new jobs between now and the peak of the buildup around 2017. Guam’s current resident labor force is too small to fulfill even the bottom of that recruiting cycle.

Anchored by the daily business news site,, the Guam Jobs Listing will be specifically relevant to companies currently doing or pursuing Guam-based business with the Department of Defense. The Listing will also apply to companies outside of the federal marketplace who are staffing up to serve Guam’s related population and commercial expansion. The platform will feature tools for searching by job, career, company and industry; tools for resume distribution; and tools for active hiring and recruitment. Human resource managers and job seekers will also find unique articles about living and working on Guam.

Job listings by federal contractors who have won some of the earliest task orders for the DoD’s military construction projects are trending upwards. As the first of these infrastructure projects are expected to break ground in the fourth quarter this year, they will signal the onset of over $1.5 billion in pent-up DoD contracts.

With most DoD projects ranging between $1 million and $300 million, the stakes are high, and that means prime contractors are already on the hunt for designers, architects, civil engineers, project managers, quality control specialists, construction workers, environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, safety engineers, even administrative assistants and accountants.

Though famously delayed by Japanese politics, partisan budget debate in Washington and sensitive local concerns, the governments of the U.S. and Japan have affirmed and reaffirmed broad agreement to the Guam buildup and the relocation of Marines from Okinawa. Mutual commitment by stakeholders to implementing the military realignment and refurbishing the island’s public infrastructure and utilities has assured slow but steady progress overall, revving up a job market that will expand beyond Guam’s resident capacity.

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