GUAM – South Korea’s largest traded company has formed a joint venture with one of the top 100 contractors in the U.S., a Hawaiian company specializing in military construction and the owner of the nation’s largest hopper dredge to help prepare Guam for the arrival of the Marines.

Samsung, Caddell, Nan and Manson Construction are in Guam under the name of CNMS – one of seven joint ventures approved last year to bid on projects in the Guam MACC, the $4 billion multiple award construction contract to help prepare the island for the military buildup.

The so-called Big MACC – the largest of its type of contract – will tap Honolulu-based CNMS, JV and the other six groups to build barracks and runways, upgrade the Apra Harbor Wharf at the Naval Base, carry out improvements at the Andersen Air Force Based and undertake other construction work throughout the island. Individual projects to be awarded from the Guam MACC – known as task orders – range in value from $15 million to $300 million.

Caddell Construction Co. Inc, ranked as the 70th biggest contractor in the U.S. by Engineering News Record, has built U.S. Embassies, aircraft hangars, prisons and power plants in its 30-year history. The Montgomery, Alabama-based construction company has also built several major barracks complexes for the Army, Navy and Air Force throughout the U.S.

Manson Construction, a specialist in marine building and dredging based in Seattle, Washington, says it counts among its marine building assets a fleet of vessels ranging from 29-foot survey boats to the nation’s largest hopper dredge– a floating construction site capable of dredging underwater features such as sandbars, storing the material and then transporting it to a dump site. The 390-foot “Glenn Edwards” hopper dredge can dig as deep as 90 feet and can store and transport as much 13,500 cubic yards of material.

Manson, founded in 1905, has undertaken projects including the construction of piers and wharves, harbor maintenance, land reclamation and a hurricane-protection levee in New Orleans.

Honolulu-based general contractor Nan says its involvement in the Guam MACC “represents a profound milestone in Nan, Inc.’s expansion beyond Hawaii and into the Pacific.” Nan has undertaken a $49 million barracks renewal project on the island of Oahu for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, construction of a $40 million Marine Corps barracks in Kaneohe and electrical systems upgrades in Pearl Harbor.

Electronics giant Samsung Group, South Korea’s largest publicly traded company, is participating in the CNMS joint venture through Samsung Texas Construction, Inc., its Austin-based general construction unit. Samsung Texas Construction is currently building a $3.6 billion chip manufacturing complex in Austin, which the company says is the biggest-ever single foreign investment in Texas.

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