GUAM – As Guam businesses struggle to find their niche in the marketplace during the Department of Defense’s buildup and realignment of U.S. forces, provides valuable information to small businesses in its multi-part series Federal Contracting 101.  In Volume 8 of this series, small businesses explore opportunities and resources made available to them by some of the biggest contractors of the Guam buildup.

Volume 8: Joint Ventures Reach Out to Small Business on Guam

With federal contracting officials awarding task orders and billion-dollar contracts, joint ventures are looking for help from local businesses on Guam.

Many joint ventures that have received awards are now looking for small business partners to assist in fulfilling the many requirements that come with federal contracting. Joint ventures such as dck-ecc Pacific Guam Consruction LLC, Hensel Phelps-Granite-Traylor Pacific, Tutor Perini (parent company of Black Construction), and Kiewit-Mortenson include pages on their website that disseminate valuable information to small businesses about subcontracting.

ECC, part of the dck-ecc joint venture, lists an online prequalification form for businesses looking to partner with them on major federal contracts. The online form asks basic information such as company name and Tax ID number, as well as a check box to select for companies interested in working specifically in Guam. dck-ecc has also hosted a small business day on Guam and offers a variety of other support topics to encourage Guam businesses to compete for subcontracting opportunities.

Hensel Phelps includes requests for sub-bids for specific topics on their website, which includes links to specific contract details, contact information, and bid deadlines. Also included on its website are prequalification documents for potential subcontractors.

Black Construction offers subcontracting opportunities on its website for specific Guam projects, and has a dedicated e-mail address to receive inquiries from interested small business wishing to partner on Guam contracts. Small businesses should direct their questions to Melissa Perez at

Kiewit’s website boasts its dedication to utilize the services of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), Minority Business Enterprises, and Women-Owned Business Enterprises to fulfill its obligations.

Doing business or subcontracting with a joint venture or a prime contractor can sometimes be less complex than serving as a prime contractor. With the prime contractor serving as the primary go-between for the federal government, teaming with a joint venture can be a real option for many small businesses.

Small businesses on Guam are encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of information and assistance provided by joint ventures and other prime contractors. will continue to provide relevant information to local businesses looking to tap into the federal contracting market on Guam in its series Federal Contracting 101.


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