GUAM – Tackling the mountain of dense reading and maze of recorded events, meetings and decisions surrounding the Guam military buildup takes the kind of time that few business executives have.

“After scouring and digesting the information for months,” explains Sharla Montvel-Cohen, this site’s editor-in-chief, “we knew we had to create a tool to trace the big picture, fast and simple, for our time-starved readers.”

Months of tedious research and collating later, the idea for a Buildup Tracker was born. Very soon, this site will debut the Tracker — a stroke of luck for people who want to quickly and reliably connect-the-dots. It’s a sort of “Cliffs Notes” on the buildup.

“We’d be sixty pages deep into the Record of Decision, and twenty pages along in the Interagency Coordination Group of Inspectors General report and think, ‘No one has this kind of time!'” adds Mrs. Montvel-Cohen.

The Buildup Tracker will be a visual, interactive timeline of key milestones and important developments – past, present and future – tracing the events, decisions and actions that have led to each stage in the buildup. It will also follow major military construction, infrastructure and utility projects, from bidding and contracting, to ground breaking and completion.

“Our readers are busy executives who need to be able to comprehend the big picture quickly and have a working command of how all the moving parts of the buildup continue to unfold,” adds Leon Colaco, the site’s president.

Mr. Colaco explains that with the Tracker, readers can quickly review how the U.S. and Japan, the Defense Department, the Navy and Marines, the Government of Guam, major contractors, and the business and local communities are advancing from one challenge to the next, moving the ball forward to shovel ready mode and beyond.