GUAM – The wheels of business turn best when information about market trends and emerging opportunities are easy to find and interpret. That’s especially true when the learning curve for all stakeholders is steep and the pace of industry is accelerated, as will happen in Guam’s multi-billion-dollar defense buildup.

Through its vast and unfolding military construction program for the island, the Department of Defense (DoD) has spawned a new marketplace.

The market watcher in this new environment is the DealBook team at (GBN).

The new website’s unique DealBook section is a response to the private sector’s need for quick and digestible alerts about relevant business activity at DoD and other Federal Government agencies and the related opportunities. Brief, timely stories will spotlight the latest federal contracting opportunities, task order announcements, contractor needs for supplies and expertise, and any other inkling of a deal on the horizon.

“This buildup is a new marketplace, and it will bring about the full spectrum of business activity that any marketplace always does,” says Leon Colaco, GBN president. “That means whether you are a rebar supplier, a structural engineer, a fuel company or anyone else on the service-goods-supply chain, transactions are being made in this new marketplace that will affect you and therefore require your attention.”

DealBook will also be a pulse on major federal market trends and happenings on Guam. DealBook’s team will track new or changing relationships in the private sector – the entities behind MACC joint ventures and strategic shifts in their labor recruitment and vendor-supplier relationships.

Watch for DealBook’s launch in the coming days. Over the course of the next few months, DealBook will grow to provide robust coverage of this sector. Feel free to send any deal tips to


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