4 of the 5 Guam Buildup MACCs are Awarded; Stage is Set to focus on Task Orders
Wednesday, February 02, 2011

GUAM - As soon as its Guam Program Management Office (GPMO) was established in 2009, NAVFAC Pacific wasted no time awarding multiple-award construction contracts (MACCs) for the lion's share -- $7.25 billion to $8 billion -- of Guam military buildup work.

As of December, the latest information from NAVFAC was that only five MACCs would be awarded for the buildup in total. Four have been awarded so far.

With just one more MACC still up for grabs, the stage is almost set for the next level of competition: bidding for construction project task orders.

Dedicating an additional 100 full-time staff to the Guam effort, GPMO's arrival signaled a new turning point. After years of broad planning and preliminary studies, the Navy was ready to go into implementation mode.

NAVFAC made the first of five MACC awards for the overall buildup on June 17, 2009. That was followed by three other MACC awards in March, May and August 2010. The fifth and final MACC will close for bidding this February.
The resulting exclusive pool of MACC companies will compete with each other for lucrative design-build task orders in the range of $1 million to $300 million.

Read on to learn more about each MACC and the chosen companies vying for task orders.

Mamizu MACC

The last MACC yet to be awarded is perhaps the most complex because it will be funded entirely by the Government of Japan (GoJ). Worth $3 billion in total task orders, the Mamizu MACC is among the most coveted of the entire buildup program. Three to seven companies will be selected, and each task order will range between $15 million and $300 million.

Since the pre-bid solicitation was first announced by NAVFAC on September 15, 2010, the deadline for submitting bids has been postponed several times. That's hardly surprising given the MACC's complexity and the extra diligence mandated by GoJ in its agreement with the U.S. Government.

As of this writing, bids are now due February 14.

Mamizu MACC projects will include a wide variety of design-build task orders for site utilities and infrastructure, barracks and dormitories, administrative facilities, dining facilities, quality of life facilities, fire and police stations, and other base development facilities.

Two "seed" projects are included in the overall Mamizu MACC bidding process: a $10 million to $25 million waterfront headquarters operations building at Naval Base, Guam, and a $250 million to $500 million project for utilities and site improvements at Finegayan, Guam.


The biggest MACC of all – totaling $4 billion in projects – was awarded to seven lucky companies in May 2010. The selection process took an arduous six months. It is the largest MACC ever awarded by NAVFAC Pacific.
Most of the Big MACC awardees are joint ventures and consist of a mix of large national or international contractors along with regional firms. Task orders (TOs) for this MACC will be in the $15 million to $300 million range. The knighted seven qualified to compete for these TOs are:

• CNMS, JV, Honolulu, Hawaii (N62742-10-D-1306)
• Core Tech-AMEC-SKEC, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii (N62742-10-D-1307)
• dck-ecc Pacific Guam Construction, LLC, Clairton, Pa. (N62742-10-D-1308)
• Guam MACC Builders, JV, Honolulu, Hawaii (N62742-10-D-1309)
• Hensel Phelps-Granite-Traylor Pacific, JV, Greeley, Colo. (N62742-10-D-1310)
• Kiewit-Mortenson, JV, Kapolei, Hawaii (N62742-10-D-1311)
• Tutor Perini Corp., Sylmar, Calif. (N62742-10-D-1312)

Small Business MACC

In March 2010, NAVFAC Pacific selected six awardees for one Small Business MACC. The maximum total value of all projects for this MACC is $500 million.

Task orders will generally be in the range of $1 million to $15 million and will involve new construction plus maintenance and modernization of shore-based facilities in Guam. For example, there is: a $19 million task order to modernize the facilities at Sumay Cove; another $13 million TO for a combat support vehicle maintenance facility at Northwest Field, Andersen Air Force Base; and a $7.2 million TO for a new military working dog facility at Apra Harbor, Naval Base.

Notably, one Guam-based company made it to this exclusive MACC roster.

The Small Business MACC contractors are:

• Guam Pacific International, LLC, Barrigada, Guam (N40192-10-D-2800)
• Bulltrack-Watts, JV, Marysville, Calif. (N40192-10-D-2801)
• Niking Corp., Pearl City, Hawaii (N40192-10-D-2802)
• Overland Corp., Ardmore, Okla. (N40192-10-D-2803)
• P&S Construction Inc., Lowell, Mass. (N40192-10-D-2804)
• Pacific West Builders, National City, Calif. (N40192-10-D-2810)

Small Business HUBZone MACC

One Small Business Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) MACC was awarded in June 2009 to ten companies, of which nine are based in Guam. Projects for this MACC are expected to total $400 million at maximum. Task orders will range from $1 million to $5 million.

Awardees for this MACC are:

• Ace Builders, LLC, Barrigada, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2700)
• AIC International, Inc., Hagatna, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2701)
• BME & Sons, Inc., Barrigada, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2702)
• Fargo Pacific, Inc., Hagatna, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2703)
• Keum Yang Corp., Tamuning, Guam (N40192-09-D-2704)
• Modern International, Inc., Tamuning, Guam (N40192-09-D-2705)
• Overland Corp., Ardmore, Oklahoma (N40192-09-D-2706)
• Reliable Builders, Inc., Tamuning, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2707)
• Serrano Construction and Development Corporation, Dededo, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2708)
• Tumon Corp., Tamuning, Guam, (N40192-09-D-2709)

8(a) Small & Disadvantaged Business MACC

In August 2010, six companies were selected for the 8(a) Small & Disadvantaged Business MACC. They will compete for projects totaling a maximum of $100 million. Task orders will range from $1 million to $2 million for each project.

These were the companies selected:

• Chugach World Services, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska (N40192-10-D-2805)
• DF, JV, Dededo, Guam (N40192-10-D-2806)
• Fargo Pacific, Inc., Hagatna, Guam (N40192-10-D-2807)
• Guam Pacific International, LLC, Barrigada, Guam (N40192-10-D-2808)
• GSI-ASI, JV, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii (N40192-10-D-2809)
• Techni-Con, Inc., Tamuning, Guam (N40192-10-D-2811)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, February 02, 2011